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Video Demo

This is just a DEMO. In this case I used Archibald as software to control, but can use any software you want.

Please see as the mouse clicks on the Archibald buttons and patterns changes as I act with the foot controller.
  1. Open Foot-It-N
  2. Open Archibald (in this case it was ready to go and iconized)
  3. Place Foot-It-N window on a corner
  4. Start Foot-It-N (the blue box starts blinking)
  5. Send a MIDI message to let Archibald start (a click on the PLAY button)
  6. Send MIDI messages to change pattern (the boxes on the bottom left)

Archibald is the program on the main window (the one with the grid on the right and the controls on the left).
Foot-It-N is the small window on the right bottom corner.
You can see the mouse acting according to MIDI controls on the left bottom corner.
What Foot-It-N is and what it does

Foot-It-N is a program that can drive mouse clicks by a MIDI controller (pedal, keyboard, etc)

With Foot-It-N you can use a MIDI signal to let the mouse click on a specifi point of the screen, typically a button. In this way you can control any Windows program by a music keyboard or any other MIDI device. It is very useful to use a foot controller if your hands are busy playng a guitar!

In this demo you can see Foot-It-N interact with Archibald.

Archibald is a very powerful drum sequencer for Windows and Mac. You can get more information here: Polyrytmic

Using a Behringer foot MIDI controller called FCB1010 (you can use any MIDI device you want) I play the bass and select the pattern I want Archibald to play in the same time.
In this way I can start/stop the drum or change pattern in real time, following the bass line and inspiration without being "tied" to a predefined sequence.

You can assign a MIDI control to a specific cursor position on the screen and to a click. In this way you can press buttons on any Windows program simply by pressing a MIDI control.

Controls are now limited to 100 for each profile.. I don't think it's an issue, but in the next version maybe they can increase.

Foot-It-N can save different profiles each one with his controls and corresponding mouse clicks.
For each profile you can save a "sequence" that is a sorted list of mouse actions. You can drive this list with two MIDI special controls named "previous" and "next".

Foot-It-N is "MIDI transparent" which means that any MIDI control can be read by Foot-It-N and by any Windows program running. You can use the same MIDI device to drive Foot-It-N and Archibald at the same time, for example.

Please try Foot-It-N and help me to improve it. Feel free to suggest any kind of modification or implementation.

Here the instructions

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